Just like humans, horses are living longer these days. And just like humans, horses get better with age. People that own horses love them and know how to take care of them. It’s not just the advances in veterinary medicine that are helping horses to live longer. That is just half the equation. The other half is their owners lovingly care for them and help horses live out their longevity because a horse, to be sure, is only as old as the horse feels.

There were two parts to the equation mentioned in the last paragraph. Together, the two parts strengthen each other. What this means is the advances in veterinary medicine help horse owners better care for the animals. Not only does this help them live longer, but it helps in terms of overall health and physical fitness. The animals want to enjoy their golden years, too.

There are some concerns in regards to care that horse owners need to know about. For example, what happens if an older horse doesn’t want to or in fact can’t eat hay? First, you should know that there are different ways to feed a horse hay. Yet if it’s still not working because your older horse has dental issues, an alternative fiber source is beet pulp. Try out the beet pulp to see if it works.

Just like with humans, horses must stay active. Owners need to keep their senior horses moving around so that they get plenty of activity. Horses can live for quite a few years when cared for properly. They just need to be loved and provided for, and they will be as healthy as when they were young. Horses can be a little stubborn, but they just need guidance. And horses, like people, only get better with age.

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Just Like With People Horses Get Better With Age